The Association “Ilaria Rambaldi”, in collaboration with the Conservatorio “A. Boito” di Parma, announces an international contest for musical composition for the year 2014 in memory of the victims of the 6th April 2009 Aquila’s earthquake. The contest is divided into two sections, each one having its own announcement and related to a different kind of music: classical and pop/easy listening.

Contest theme, edition 2014 : “”* Waiting

The waiting is understood as intense moment that generates emotions and expectations, and that can be completed in the joy , if expectations are repaid, in pain if expectations are not met. After the earthquake on 6 April, who battered between the rubble looking for friends and relatives, had an anxiety emotion and growing that, at times and has led to the joy more intense, and sometimes in despair more gloomy.

Contest theme, edition 2014: “Waiting”*1

Ensemble: Winds quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn) Scores for a smaller ensemble (from solo to quintet) can also be submitted, considering only the above mentioned instruments. The scores must be unpublished, never performed nor been awarded prizes in other contests before.

Italian and foreign composers of any nationality and citizenship regardless of age may be admittet to the composition. Specific educational qualification is not requested. Under age participants will be attended by a parent or by an adult with an authorization written by a parent or someone having the parental authority; the authorization will be presented to the Organisers together with a photocopy of a delegating party’s valid identity document.

Each composer can participate with more than one piece by enrolling each composition separately and by sending each composition in separate envelopes provided they are marked with different mottos. composition must have a minimum length of 3’32’’ or its multiple up to three multiples (i.e.7’04” or 10’36”). The length of 3’32’’ refers to the time when the earthquake occured.

The application fee is € 30,00 (Thirthy Euro) for the first score and € 20,00 (Twenty Euro) for any following ones by the same author. The payment must be made by bank transfer to the: Associazione Ilaria Rambaldi Onlus, IBAN: IT02V0624577570CC0290000153 SWIFT BPALIT34 and specifying the reason for the transfer as: Application for the international contest for musical composition “Ilaria Rambaldi” The application fee will not be refundable, except in the case of cancellation of the Contest Applicants may contact the Contest secretary’s office previously for any further information by writing to

Participants must bring or send by registered letter the application form as shown at the bottom of this announcement (Allegato A), on unstamped paper, duly signed and completed with the compositions and the other requested documents to the Presidente dell’Associazione Ilaria Rambaldi Onlus, Via Arco della posta 5, 66034 Lanciano (Chieti) Italy, by and not after the 31st January 2014 (date of post office stamp will be considered valid).

The application form (Allegato A), in order not to be excluded, must be sent as well to the following e-mail address: specifying in the mail Re.: Section of the Contest (Classical) plus Name and Surname.

Documents to enclose:

  1. Application Form (Allegato A) duly undersigned;
  2. Receipt of payment of application fee;
  3. N.6 (six) copies of the score written on A4 or A3 paper, preferably created by using Finale or Sibelius software and, at any rate, perfectly legible; in case of works with unpublished graphic types or symbols, the authors must supply explanatory tables in order to understand the signs properly. The scores must be free of references or signs that would allow identification of the author, each copy being marked by a motto, and must bear the duration of the song;
  4. The application form;- short explanatory notes related to the submitted work in Italian and/or English(max1000 characters, including spaces);- C.V. in Italian or English (max1000 characters, including spaces), duly undersig-
    ned – Valid I.D. Card or Passport

    – 2 (two) recently taken pictures for any print uses;

  5. The composers who reach the final phase will be invited by the organisation to send the distinct pieces in established time to the final rehearsal in a “concert way”.

The Jury will consist of 5 members president M° Luca Tessadrelli; the commission judgment is final and cannot be appealed against. It will meet not later than February 2014 to choose the finalist pieces that will be performed in April 2014 during a “public concert” to remember the victims of Aquila’s earthquake and in May 2014 in one of the best concert in Auditorium del Carmine, Parma. The prize-giving ceremony will be held in April 2014 in Lanciano.