About Us

AltrEdizioni is a publishing house born from the meeting of professional skills in publishing, culture, and communication, attentive to the observation of the world and society, the perception of reality and the interpretation of the characteristics that the rapid change of the culturally globalized world offers.

Young in people and in spirit, he addresses his entrepreneurial and cultural mentality to the idea of a sustainable future with a view to interacting with the territory in which he operates.

The philosophy that moves this young publishing house is that of the book seen as a precious object of value creation, preservation of memory and artistic creativity as well as a tool for expression of the individual and a vehicle for education, training, individual and collective growth, and exchange and dialogue between cultures.

As a Literary Agency, it offers services and realizes writing courses, presentations, and cultural events.

It has activated several projects including the Publishing for Conservatories, aimed at young composers, the conference “The Words of Dialogue” aimed at promoting and disseminating the culture of the book as a formative of the individual, now in its third edition, and the Project TRIBUTE.

In addition to the opening of several series in the Narrative, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Culture, Memory and Spectacle, and Art and Architecture sections, it created the Media AE section which includes the E-Book Editions, the Music Editions, and the record production.

The Publishing House AltrEdizioni promotes emerging writers, musicians and evaluates unpublished works.