Grande Amore al primo ascolto. IL VOLO A fan Tribute


Author: Patrizia Ciava
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Culture, Memory and Spectacle

Patrizia Ciava was born in Italy but lived most of her life abroad, studying and working in various countries including Belgium, France, England and China. After dedicating herself for a few years to teaching, in 2003 she joined the Diplomatic Office of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, where she currently works. The promotion of the Italian language and culture is part of its institutional tasks but it is also a passion that it carries out with constancy and commitment, through its articles and its blog “Italia re-united”, dedicated to highlighting the beauty and excellence of our country. With this in mind she became interested in the musical group Il Volo, of which she appreciates the undeniable vocal and interpretative talent, but above all the extraordinary ability to attract an international audience, promoting not only our music but also our country with unparalleled effectiveness, our culture and our language. He has published two novels: “Silence beyond the door”, (Mancosu Editore), and “Il diritto di vivere” (Fabio Croce Editore), winner of the 2009 Il Convivio-Giardini Naxos Award for best fiction book.

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Preface by: Marino Bartoletti
ISBN: 9788894453423
Release: July 2019
Publisher: AltrEdizioni Casa Editrice

Unique in its kind this book-tribute to the Il Volo group by its fans, on the occasion of its 10-year career.
The book testifies to the affection and admiration that people from all over the world have for Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, well evidenced by numerous testimonies collected in the second part. An exciting journey into the music and soul of every person.

In the first part of the book, the author guides us in the extraordinary journey of the three young artists, approaching a discussion on the repertoire and on the vocal and interpretative qualities that have made the trio an Italian excellence as well as an almost unique phenomenon in the international music scene, not only for the diversity and heterogeneity of their admirers.
The book also collects, in the second part, unique and often moving stories, written by people of all ages and coming from different countries and continents, which tell the ability of the three very young artists to create with their voices a magic that charms and that it even causes a beneficial form of dependency.
Once again Il Volo proves to have understood that mutual respect, sharing and teamwork are the real driving force to achieve and maintain success. (…)
I therefore thought of collecting some testimonials in order to describe what appears to be a unique phenomenon of its kind.
It does not seem to me, in fact, that in the international music scene a group of twenty-year-olds who in a few years succeed in achieving global success, simultaneously winning people of different generations, nationality and culture.