9 racconti eccentrici


Author: Luciana Gravina
Narrativa, Collana Riflessi

Without any doubt contemporary, this book collects nine stories, written between 1992 and 2000. Nine tales of improbable women / characters, often in unusual situations, embellished with four works by the artist D-Aria, proposed inside and on the cover.

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Format: 12×17
Pages: 114
Language: italian
ISBN: 97888890968761
Released: August 2017
Publisher: AltrEdizioni Casa Editrice

“Retrieved in the depths of an old Mac, these stories, written between 1992 and 2000, are proposed as eccentric because they believe (they) not to have a unitary nucleus around which to live.
In reality they are almost all connected by calls, references, winks with which they are held by the hand. “(From the note of the author)

Zazà got lost in the crowd, or had voluntarily left for mysterious reasons? This was the Hamlet doubt that swarmed in my mind every time on the gramophone of the house someone tuned the needle with the vinyl disc to listen to “Where is Zazà”, Neapolitan song of 1944, by Raffaele Cutolo and Giuseppe Cioffi. (taken from Ma, in short, where is Zazà?)