Silvana Baroni was born in Naples to a Venetian family. She has always lived in Rome where she works as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Living in a family of artists, she has practiced since childhood in various fields of creativity, from painting to writing, from humor graphic to art criticism. As a writer, in addition to theatrical texts (The infinite halves of the world, Love is a box of biscuits and Love quarrels with Neruda), she has published aphorisms, poems, short stories. From her first solo show curated by Filiberto Menna in 1986 at the L. Di Sarro Artistic Documentation Center, she has continued to exhibit graphics and painting and to set up installations in prestigious galleries. You last her personal exhibition at the Besso Foundation in Rome. She also characterizes herself as a “visual aphorist” to translate her own aphorisms into graphic images.

Among the many publications they are remembered for the aphorisms: Tra l’Io e il Sé c’è di mezzo il me – Il Ventaglio; Neppure i fossili – Quasar; Il bianco, il nero, il grigio – Yoker; ParalleleBipedi – La città del sole; Il doppiere e lo specchio – La Mandragora; Fuori dall’orbite-Nulla di cosmico – La Mandragora; Diversamente dal suo contrario – Yoker; In sconcerto – Babbomorto. For poetry: Stagioni, Nodi di rete, Ultimamente, Il tallone d’Achille di una donna, Nel circo delle stanze – tutti per Fermenti; Acquerugiola-acquatinta – Dell’oleandro; Perdersi per mano – Tracce; Criptomagrittazioni – onyxeditrice; Le quinte, le frasche, le dune – Robin. For the narrative: Alambicchi – Manni; Lampi – The city and the stars; Surrounded perimeters – Gattomerlino.

Works of the author: