Redenta Formisano

Redenta Formisano, Neapolitan of origin, is a fruitful and cultured writer. She has published numerous stories and novels in which female characters represent the restless search for an identity and a role.
From “Rosso nella memoria” (Tempi moderni,1985) to “Il mare nel pozzo” (Avagliano Editore, 1997), from “Il silenzio dei telai” (Pironti Editore, 2002), with whom he received the special prize in 2004 Il Mulinello, assigned by Mario Luzi, to “Biondo menopausa” (Gaia, 2008) written together with Elvira Garbato, the author gives to his narration the warmth and color of feelings, of the lives that flow together with the years and events. In 2007 one of her stories was selected among the winners of the competition Letter to a professor 40 years later.
With AltrEdizioni Casa Editrice he published the novel “Le parole di Creusa” (2011) and the stories “Mater dulcissima” (2014).