Paolo Oddenino Paris

Paolo Oddenino Paris is a graduate in Psychology and holds a Ph.D. in Short Psychotherapies. From 1985 to 1995 he followed a complex process of vocational training. He is a specialist in: Hypnotherapy, Autogenic Psychotherapy, Logotherapy, Existential Analysis, Behavioral Psychotherapy, Neoreichian Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Sexology and Sexuotherapy, Systemic Psychotherapy.

Paolo Oddenino Paris is the inventor of the Personal Growth Discipline. He edited a series of books for the “CISSPAT” Italian Center for the Study and Development of Psychotherapy Autogenes Training, together with Dott. Patrizia Terreno for Prof. Luigi Peresson, Director of the School. He graduated in Biological Medicine from the International Society for Holistic Health.

He has been a professor of Sexology and Sexuotherapy at the UNITRÈ of Turin, and later of Bioenergetic Sciences. He has been Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Universidad Nacional de Loja Ecuador, where, together with dr. Valaredo Garcia, at the time Rector of the aforementioned University, created the Degree Course in Philosophy and Personal Growth Techniques in 1992. He was invited to give lectures at the University of Odessa, Ukraine and at the Hyperion University in Bucharest, Romania.

He has provided seminars at the “Study and Research Center” of Bilbao with subjects with physical disabilities. In 1988 he elaborated the two-year course of New Rebirthing Sistem at the Institute of Psychological Counseling and Natural Medicine of Turin. Since 1993 he has ceased all forms of psychological counseling, devoting himself mainly to the Philosophy of Personal Growth.
He is not registered for any philosophical choice.

He collaborated with Phil Laut, author of “Money’s my friend” for the seminars on financial management, with Jim Leonard, writer and founder of the “Vivation” discipline, for personal and professional training, with Sergej Gorsky, for the enhancement of human resources in the image and communication sector, with Don Mc Farland, for the correction of the physical schemes corresponding to the behavior.

He met Carlos Castaneda and worked with him on the relationship between Man and transcendent Nature. He followed Bandler’s teachings in the sales and communication sector, then expanding the contents of NLP with his own methodologies.

In this last period he applies the dynamics of quantum physics to human behavior, taking as a model the theorems of the physicist Bohm and of the neurophysiologist Pribram. He is the author of the “Paris Energy Method” Personal Growth Discipline.

He is the author of numerous training courses and personal growth. He is currently Director of the Higher Academy of Personal Growth, which he founded in 1993, enabling 40 teachers. He was Professor of Philosophy and Techniques of Personal Growth at the University of Sassari.

He already has numerous publications in particular with the Edizioni Mediterranee:
Infiniti Risvegli; Tecniche di Guarigione Spirituale; Una via Iniziatica; Azzurrincantesimi e Magie Rosa.