Francesco Camerino

Francesco Camerino, originally from Foggia, where he was born on 19 November 1942, carries out the duties of Prefect of Teramo. Professional activity alongside that of essayist and writer.

He is the author of two collections of poems: Cieli disfatti e vecchi merletti Mazzotta, Castelvetrano, 1999, and Primavere e tempeste ArtEuropa, Rome, 2003, and of the volume of maxims and aphorisms Teorie mistiche e pratiche libertine, Lo Scarabeo, Bologna, 2002, of which a pocket edition was edited by Scripta Manent Trading, Roma, 2002.

His poems are published in numerous anthologies and in the literary magazines “Voce Romana 2000”, “Il Richiamo” and “Folium” of the Artecom Academy. The literary prize on the theme “Costruire una cultura di pace”, Palazzo Barberini, 3 June 2000.

He obtained the first prize at the poetry competitions “Puglia viva”, Foggia 2001 and 2002, “Tridente Arte Nuova”, Rome 2003, and at the prize of mystical and religious poetry “Cordici”, Torraca 2003.

On the plaque that in the park of the pond EUR recalls the victims of the Twin Towers of New York on September 11, 2001, a fragment of his lyric “polvere nera” is engraved. He received the culture award for the year 2004 of the Italian Council of Ministers’ Presidency

His articles of a professional and legal nature have been published on “Amministrazione Civile”, “Amministrazione Pubblica”, “Nuove Autonomie” and “Nuova Rassegna”.